Facebook advertisement for one of the biggest French Online Education Websites. My client was the founder of the Online Education Website specializing in self-development, yoga, psychological and nutrition courses. Overall we advertise more than 50 different courses for all french speakers around the world. Nowadays online education is a very dynamic business, with proper marketing strategy you can scale fast. Key results we achieved – 300% Revenue increase in 1 month.

Project Goal

The project goal was to bring sales back after not successful ads management by another agency. The main goal was to increase revenue as much as we can, but save 3 ROAS (at least). Last month in Oct got around 22.000 EURO revenue with 3.59 ROAS. That was the starting point of our cooperation.

Facebook Ads for Online Education


So my solution was to do deep analytics and find the problem why sales go down. I found that one of the main problems was really poor variations of targeting and creatives. Thats’ why the first thing I request is new, good looking ad creatives.

After that, for a whole month, I set up and launch new Ad Campaigns, different ones – to test some audiences, and CBO for scaling (COST CAP, BID CAP). My idea was to reach all types of potential customers, so every day I test new interest audiences and scale good working ones.

Moreover, I started to work with Lookalike and Retargeting after we get some data. That was very important to rotate different creatives and texts as Frequency was over 2, so the same person does not see the same creative twice. Day to day management give my client very good results. More than 65.000 EURO revenue for November and 4.78 ROAS.

Facebook Ads for Online Education

Update for May 2021.

I continue implementing my strategy. In April we Reach 79.865 EURO Revenue with 5 ROAS. Now we expanding worldwide. Next goal – scale up to 100k EURO per month. 🚀🚀🚀

Facebook Ads for Online Education