Old Lead generation Problem

Many lead generation businesses around the world face the same problem- trash or low-quality leads. Usually, a sales rep must spend their time calling this lead, message or email. In the end, you just lost your time and spend money on that lead.

A new feature called Pixel and CRM integration was created by Facebook to solve that problem. If you running your lead generation business and do lead qualification using CRM software it’s a total must-have feature in 2022!

Pixel and CRM Integration.

How Pixel and CRM will work? Basically, Facebook now allows sending CRM pipeline stages to pixel, which means algorithms will learn about the lead quality you receive. After that pixel highlight leads that converted. Based on that FB algorithms will optimize your ads.

CRM Pixel set-up should increase your lead quality and cost per lead because Facebook will aim to get you lead that got more change to hit the conversion stage.

In my recent experience, after that integration was done, my clients received around a 30% conversion rate increase and lower cost per lead by 20-30%.

Feel free to contact me regarding Facebook Pixel CRM Integration or Schedule a Calendy call below. Recently I helped dozens of clients to increase lead quality and lower cost per lead. I keep my eyes on that problem.