Lead generation for Real Estate is one of the primary headache problems for agents. Everyone wants to generate a consistent flow of leads for a reasonable price. But for the last 2 years, digital marketing become more challenging because more technologies are involved, iOS14 data privacy changes, and price rise for advertising. 

I’m Myro, Independent Freelance Marketer. I’m here to share some insights I got working with more than 20 real estate businesses last year. In this article, we identify common problems of Real Estate marketing and talk about proven solutions that I have already implemented for my clients. Let’s dive into the first part – common problems. 

Why do real estate agents struggle with lead generation?

There 3 major factors: 

  1. Agents need to invest in lead generation 2-for-3 months straight to get at least one deal from that. Real estate purchases are not happening fast, so you don’t see the result of your marketing investment immediately. 
  1. Agents usually don’t want to invest much in advertising, so sometimes they do not generate enough leads to close one deal. The minimal budget for RE agents to spend per month is $1000. 
  1. Digital Marketing became complicated, so the agent itself can’t set up advertising properly with modern tracking set up like Conversion API or CRM and Pixel integration. 

Best solutions for lead generation

Firstly I let all my new clients understand that digital marketing nowadays it’s a long journey. You need to invest your time and money, run ads, get data, and then get a profit. My Rock-Solid Marketing strategies are about to slow and steady growth. So usually I don’t like too risky moves with client budget, that’s why to see good results you need to wait. 

My key solutions for real estate lead generation:  

  1. Advanced technical ads set up (Facebook and Instagram) 

For lead generation, I use FB Forms ads and website conversion ads. That’s the most popular type of campaign Real Estate agents run. So what do I mean by advanced set-up? 

For FB Forms is really important to track lead quality because the specific of those ads are cheap. But on top of that, you might receive a lot of complete trash leads with wrong contact details. So it’s better to ask your customers to double-check the contact details they leave and add more pre-qualification questions inside the form. That helps you to reduce the number of trash leads, and save your time trying to reach them. 

In the case of website forms, firstly you need to make sure that website is looking great on mobile and working fast. Secondly, you should leave only necessary questions inside the form, that are needed for prequalification. Because the more questions you have – the less the conversion rate you got. 

Another important part is targeting. For most countries, Real Estate advertisement is a special ad category, so you are very limited in detailed targeting. But you still got room to play around. You still can target geolocations, even with limits and interests. 

Based on my experience I have ready to use good-performing interests in the real estate business.

  1. Proper Feedback from my client    

For any lead generation business, I ask my client for proper feedback about the quality of the leads. Because generating leads it’s only one part of the business process, another big one is calling lead and convert. 

So what I do is gather feedback about what campaigns brings more converted leads. That’s done manually or automated from CRM. Based on that information I optimise ads to maximise conversion rate. 

  1. Proper tracking set-up

Back in 2021, the internet blow up because of privacy changes pushed by California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and everybody start setting up Conversion API for business. Later Facebook releases more instruments for increasing pixel tracking sets up such as CRM + Pixel integration. I always stay on top of the latest technologies to make sure my client tracking set-up is up to date and its feed advertising algorithm well.

Last year I made more than 120 Conversion API set-ups for different websites. Woocommerce, Shopify, Clickfunnels and even custom code websites. That helps lead generation ads perform well. So I feel myself an expert in setting up tracking. 

Data is key for Facebook marketing. Why you should be patient while advertising. 

For the last 2 years, digital marketing change a lot, and data become the number one priority for advertisers. That’s why many Real Estate agents struggle with advertising. Because they start with zero data amount and algorithms do not understand what audience you want to target. 

Now in 2022, you need to invest in advertising for at least one month to get data and feed Facebook algorithms. Only after that, you can start to scale. Do not expect to be profitable from the first month. Do not run advertisements “just to try”. This is NOT working in 2022. Prepare for a long marketing journey of 6-12 months and in the end, you could master lead generation. 

Real Estate marketing case study 

Let’s check some of my best Facebook lead generation ads examples. Recently I got a really good case promoting 30 blocks of land for sale in Niseko, Japan. Just for around $1700 ad budget we able to sale all land blocks for $800.000. For more information about the strategy I use and Facebook ads examples you can check the following link https://www.myro-marketing.com/lead-generation-for-niseko-real-estate-japan/

Is it a good time now to start creating your Real Estate lead generation strategy? 

Let’s be honest, many agents are inspired by their super successful colleagues and want to start advertising immediately. My suggestion, based on my experience, is – do not to rush. Take your time to understand your positioning in the market and design your killer marketing strategy. Learn and master advertisement technical setups, so as to not lose money. In the end, be patient while getting data and feed algorithms. Scale wisely! 

If you think that digital marketing is complicated for you – feel free to contact me for consulting or monthly ads management. I’m an independent freelancer, so I can offer a reasonable price of $450 per month for full ads management for your business. Based on my experience working with more than 20 Real Estate businesses, I can design the best strategy for you.