Lead generation for Real Estate businesses is not something mysterious, everybody knows how to do that. As a marketing expert, I always aim to deliver good lead quality for a reasonable price, so that leads are converted to sales. This is what Myro Rock-Solid Marketing strategy is about. Talking about this case, I work closely with the owner of Niseko Real Estate to promote the land sales in Niseko, Hokkaido, Japan.

Starting point

Niseko is a famous ski resort, so land there is quite expensive, however, 30 blocks of land we promote located in a new region is currently under development. So we come with really attractive prices and our plan was to find foreign buyers. Project goal – 30 blocks of land sold with high ROAS. Advertising budget – 3000 USD.

My client doing business seriously, so he got a simple but super authentic website. All texts on the website were written by the agency owner, who was deeply in Niseko real estate for 15 years. This text was totally unique and do not looks like typical real estate texts. You can read about the history of this place, land, and overall investment opportunity. That was an excellent instrument for successful lead generation for Real Estate. Working with such clients is a blessing for every marketer.

Lead Generation For Niseko Real Estate

Advertising for Real Estate

Advertising starts from FB Pixel Conversion API set up. So from my end was implemented events set up for conversion optimization and retargeting. As for creatives I use high intense pictures with a clear call to action. Niseko is famous for mountain Hirafu, so in some ads, I use that visual. That was very important to find iconic visuals, which everybody recognize. More to say, our part of our target audience was people who had already visited Niseko or well acknowledge about this resort. So Moutain Hirafu was the perfect visual to attract customers.

From the first 1-2 weeks I test different geolocation across Asia and Australia. Some countries were too expensive like Hong Kong, and some give us low quality leads like Malaysia. But the test is all about, checking the price per lead and lead quality.

Advertising for Real Estate

Results of Real Estate Lead Generation

After the testing period, I started to scale the best ads. In total, we received 803 leads, which was enough to sell 30 land blocks for more than 800.000$. The average price per lead was 2.2$, so we spent 1760$, which is much lower than the initial budget.

Interesting fact that my client did all sales communicated with email only. In the first stage, the lead received only an email, and only after the lead response, did the accomplished agent make a call. With this technic clients save a lot of time and nerves, but probably miss some more clients. Anyway project ended successfully with cosmic ROAS and satisfied the client.

Results of Real Estate Lead Generation

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